Here is a short list of our favorite books and articles on the subject of customer focus and satisfaction:

  • Moments of Truth, Jan Carlzon, 1987, Ballinger Publishing Company.

    Carlzon not only details the essence of managing customer's "moments-of-truth", he demonstrates vital leadership in thoughts and actions.

  • At America's Service, Karl Albrecht, 1988, Dow Jones - Irwin.

    Should be read with or following Carlzon's book. Excellent in introducing good paradigms for customer focus.

  • Total Customer Service—The Ultimate Weapon, William H. Davidow and Bro Uttal, 1989, Harper & Row.

    Excellent for a systems approach to creating a customer-focused organization.

  • The Customer Comes Second and Other Secrets of Exceptional Service, Hal F. Rosenbluth and Diane McFerrin Peters, 1992, William Morrow and Company.

    An excellent resource for leaders striving to effect a cultural change in their organization.

  • Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work, James L. Heskett, Thomas O. Jones, Gary W. Loveman, W. Earl Sasser Jr., and Leonard A Schlesinger, Harvard Business Review, March - April 1994.

    An excellent article on the factors leading to customer satisfaction.

  • Improving Your Measurement of Customer Satisfaction, Terry Vavra, 1997, ASQ Quality Press.

    Among the best written and most comprehensive of all books on customer surveys.

  • Is Your Company Ready for One-to-One Marketing?, Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, and Bob Dorf, Harvard Business Review, January - February 1999.

    Excellent resource article on customer-relationship management.

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